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Bio by Chris Malloy

At 30 years old Kellen Keene has worked as a director and as a director of photography for some of the most compelling, dynamic, and authentic films that Patagonia and Yeti have put out into the world in the last 6 years. He understands and is drawn to human stories that are set in the wild and he has devoted

himself wholeheartedly and very successfully to telling them. Keene lives on a farm in his hometown of San Luis Obispo CA and spends his summers fishing salmon commercially in Alaska's Bristol Bay. He's stubborn about being true to a story and the folks he documents. So filmmaking for him

has to be real in its endeavor to create honest and lasting stories. Kellen has also worked as a Director and DOP under Farm League Films for a number of years. His work spans from commercials to documentary films and from branded content to independent films. 

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